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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Home made DIY standing desk for an elliptical trainer

All of my household kludges are ad-hoc solutions to problems which boil up and then must be instantly solved. In this case, I needed a stand to put a computer on so I could watch movies while I was on the trainer. Previously I'd watched tv but the tv broke.

First I had to make arms with circular cutouts to go over the arms of the elliptical trainer. Measure carefully and make the circle a little bigger in case you made a mistake.

I used a jigsaw to cut out the inside of the forks which would support the computer table.

Because of being a slob, I just eyeballed the outside silhouette of the forked arms and cut them with my jigsaw.

Simple glue blocks (with added screws for safety) will hold your support legs to the table just fine. There are much better solutions than this but it was really fast and I didn't have to buy hardware, which is very expensive these days.

It seemed prudent to glue a front lip to the desk (so the computer wouldn't slide off) and I shimmed the back until it was flat. And there you have it.