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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Baker's Chocolate and Kraft Foods: stupid, stupid company thinks customers are complete idiots.

Here you have the old Bakers Chocolate bar - 8 ounces, individually wrapped. I started worrying when they added to their box design this information: "Twice as much chocolate as competitors' product." They evidently thought we couldn't figure that out.

About half a year ago they thought they'd sneakily double their profit: they took the same size box and put half as much chocolate in it. Now there are four skinny, skinny ounces in this big box, and there is only one wrapper, so once you start using the chocolate it's harder to keep the rest fresh.

Annoyingly, they said consumers asked for this change. These supposed consumers did not want to have chocolate left over after they made their recipes which used four ounces exactly.

The price stayed the same, so now those who are dumb or lazy enough to do so pay twice as much for the product. I'm sure this is what Kraft Foods thinks we'll all do.

So Bakers Chocolate now joins the growing list of products that I stockpile. You can still get 8 ounce bars of Bakers Chocolate at Amazon. You can also buy real 100-watt light bulbs in bulk on line.

You can also get the old-fashioned Chore Boy scrubbing cloths online in bulk. They are best for cleaning non-stick cookware. They used to be in stores but no longer.

If you're a baker who's annoyed to be considered incapable of math, you too can leave a comment on the Bakers Chocolate face book page.