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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Japanese hair styles, and rakugo

BadAunt at present simple, one of my favorite blogs, pointed us to "Extraordinary Ordinary Guy in Japan." Please go enjoy his explanation of how in Japan an Elvis haircut can take on new and surprising dimensions.
"Look at my new extremely grooveful hair. I can change this groovy direction freely."

"Comparing with you, all the rest of people are almost grooveless living dead."

"It's fun! Let me play with it."

"No way. Don't touch it!"

Then, here is a joke he shares in the style of rakugo...
A storekeeper asked his employee: "Could you borrow a hammer to nail from the next-door neighbor?"

"No, sir." The employee answered [when he returned empty-handed]. "When I asked him [why he wouldn't lend it], he asked me what our nails were made from. I said they would be steel. Then he said that he would not lend it because the head of hammer might wear down from hitting such a hard thing."

"What a stingy man!" The storekeeper said. "Okay, I'll use mine."

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You cant keep up? But you are keeping up perfectly fine.


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