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Monday, November 11, 2013

The TJC Hanukah Songbook: Now also available as a pdf digital download

Triangle Jewish Chorale Hanukkah SongbookI put this songbook together a few years ago when I "retired" from my post as director of the Triangle Jewish Chorale. We got hired every year to do Hanukkah concerts and these were the songs we'd sing.

You can buy the songbook on Amazon (click the cover image to go to the order page) for $9.81 - or now you can get the pdf file of the book directly from me for $6.50 through PayPal (best option if you are in a hurry - Hannukah is coming up fast!)

Here are the songs in my songbook:

Banu Chosech

Cuando el Rey Nimrod

Drey, dreydele

Drive Cold Winter Away

Hanerot halalu

Hanerot Halalu (Hasidic version)

Hanukah (Frankel)

Hayo, haya

Hinei Ba

Imi nahtna leviva-li

Khanukah iz freylekh

Let Memory Keep Us All

Ma-oz Tsur (Italian version)

Ma-oz Tsur (Sunday school)


Mizmor xir


Nerot dolkim


Oy, ir kleyne likhtelekh!

Oy, khanukah!

Shnirele perele

Simu shemen

Svivon sov sov sov

Time to Remember the Poor


Yom Zeh l'Yisroel

Here's the mosaic I patterned my cover on:


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