Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Come make music with us at the second annual Pick n Bow Folk Music Retreat!

Last year was Danny Gotham's first PicknBow Folk Music retreat - he, Bob Vasile and I were the instructors over a three-day weekend and it was loads of fun. There were student concerts and jam sessions, we had the time to give people special attention when they needed it. In this picture taken by a staff photographer from the News and Observer, I'm helping a beginning fiddler who was skeptical about his progresss...

My favorite part was when a little bunch of singers or pickers would go off in a corner and come up with something wonderful on their own! Bob made a giant vat of chile on Saturday, people brought food and we feasted.

This year the weekend will be July 13-15, 2012, again at the Murphey School at the end of Murphy School Road (isn't it weird that there are two different spellings?) convenient to Chapel Hill, Durham, and Hillsborough - airconditioned and plenty of parking. Julie Elkins (bluegrass banjo and guitar) and Ari Eisinger (country blues and ragtime guitar) will be joining the staff.

If you're interested have a look at the PicknBow Folk Music Retreat Weekend page on the Pratie Heads website or call Danny at 919.967.4934.


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