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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

I'm thrilled with the Google docs spreadsheet program

Most of my other obsessions have been utterly cast aside in favor of the cd project that Beth, my band buddy (and professor of slavic languages at Duke), has proposed: a collection of songs composed and performed in Warsaw, Poland, between the World Wars, some in Polish and some in Yiddish, almost all Jewish. I'm going to the archives at YIVO Institute for Jewish Research and at the New York Public Library later this month to work on this project of forgotten people and "shlagers" (hits) and wanted a way to organize the information I have already. I asked Ezra if Google spreadsheet program would work for me and he got me started (basically by going to my gmail account and clicking "Documents" in a row I never noticed at the top of the page)

Example of google doc spreadsheet use as a database

I've been putting the "forgotten" musicians into Wikipedia (I'm up to almost four dozen now) and so I was able to dump that information into separate Google docs which I then link to the cells in this spreadsheet. The hyperlinks make it easy to keep track of the data. And I can access it from anywhere! This way I can see what I haven't got yet. I just need to figure out if I can also store a "to do" list for each musician in this same spreadsheet.


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