Tuesday, March 01, 2011

[Hannah]: Sweet Potato, Chicken and Kale soup

Another recipe I'm putting on the blog because I don't want to forget. From my friend Alice.

Saute a lot of ginger in a dutch oven with a lot of garlic and a lot of onion.

Slice in some bite-size chunks of sweet potato. I used 4 very small sweet potatoes.

Add a pound of sliced chicken breast, also bite size pieces, and cook for a bit.

Add some greens. I used Trader Joe's Kale/Spinach/Greens mix but any hearty winter greens will do.

Fill the pot with 4-6 cups of chicken stock and simmer for 25 minutes or until the sweet potatoes and greens are tender.

Then add whatever mysterious seasonings you prefer to make the soup flavor more complex. (I used home made chicken broth so it doesn't have anything in it to begin with). I used soy sauce and tiny amounts of vinegar, porcini salt, hoisin sauce.

And voila! Amazing, healthy, hearty winter soup!


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