Saturday, January 08, 2011

I STILL hate Intuit's Quicken - so I've migrated to Moneydance.

Three years ago I wrote through clenched teeth about Quicken, detestable software by Intuit when the company notified me that the three years they permit their software to function were soon ending and I now HAD TO "UPGRADE" AND BUY A NEW VERSION if I wanted it to continue working.

Three years ago when I wrote the previous post, I couldn't figure out how to avoid buying the new version. I got Quicken 2008 very reluctantly and found it more bloated and buggy than the Quicken 2005 it replaced, with no new features I wanted to use...

...and Quicken 2005 was, in its day, worse and slower than the older version it replaced.

Quicken is one of the few software programs that just continues to get worse and worse year after year. With little competition (even Microsoft Money is getting its plug pulled this year!) Intuit has had a nigh-monopoly and hence can squeeze its consumers with greedy delight.

Well, I finally snapped and spent several hours yesterday migrating to a new program, Moneydance personal finance software. It's not way cheap ($50, though you can get a 20% discount fairly easily) but it doesn't sundown your software connection to the internet.

I like it - it's fast, intuitive (once you get over your Quicken habits), puts no advertisements on your desktop, and doesn't nag you to buy more stuff.

So if you hate Quicken too, I recommend Moneydance as a worthy replacement. If you have other ideas please leave them in the comments for others who come along grinding their teeth over Intuit Quicken and its avaricious policies.


At 6:51 PM, Blogger Laura said... is free, fabulous, and highly rated. You might like this article:

At 7:29 PM, Anonymous Melinama said...

Laura, I've seen other recommendations of Mint - but I don't myself like online services, and I believe Mint has been bought out by - Intuit!!


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