Friday, April 23, 2010

My son is running in the American Cancer Society 'Relay for Life.'

I haven't written here much about the fact that right after his 13th birthday my son Ezra was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumor which in the days before radiation therapy was 100% fatal. He got chucked immediately into the pediatric Intensive Care Unit, had a 7.5 hour brain surgery and then six weeks of daily radiation. On the last day of the radiation therapy - green, thin, and on the point of barfing at any minute - he was bar mitzvah, can you believe that guy? There was a little party afterwards at his dad's house, and Ezra's friends were there, but he went to bed, he was too tired.

The surgery really impaired his coordination and it took a long time for him to remember which direction was "UP" (cutting through a guy's cerebellum will do that) and even longer for him to walk confidently. and etc etc this is a story I don't want to get into, but ...

He wrote this on his Facebook -
I could really use your help in fundraising for the Relay for Life... there is really an epic war going on. Please hit the link and pitch in, in honor of the struggles of me and so many others who've been hit by this cancer s**t.
If you go to the page he mentioned, Relay for Life, you can donate in his honor. I am so impressed that he will be running in this race. There were times I was just relieved he wasn't falling down. Go Ez!


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