Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In which Jethro learns two lessons about sharing.

After the handmade parade on Saturday, I brought Menticia and her sister back to my place to see Superman, the miniature horse. I tied Jethro up to one post and Superman up to an adjoining post, and the girls combed Superman - and scissored off the part of his mane which fell into his eyes - now he has ludicrous Dutch-boy bangs - while I combed Jethro and picked out his hooves. The plan was that they would lead Superman for his first walk around the block while I managed Jethro.

The plan was a non-starter. Jethro was so indignant that halfway to the driveway he took off to charge at Superman, who was waddling peacefully ahead of us. So I tied Jethro to a tree and left him staring in utter mortification as all the rest of us went perambulating.

On the way back, we led Superman in state past Jethro and into the pen, and then I went back for Jethro and explained to him that bad behavior led to his being in Time Out and missing the walk, and I put him back in the pen to mull over his misdeeds.

Today was a lovely day and I decided to try something new. I combed them both and picked out their hooves, and then I tied Superman's lead to Jethro's bridle. We processed around the pen for a while so they could get used to it and then we sallied forth into the neighborhood, me leading Jethro and Jethro leading Superman.

Superman, who is no dummy when it comes to provisioning himself, figured out that if he hustled a bit he could get the tiniest bit ahead of Jethro, grab a bite of grass, and then as we passed him he could fall back into formation, chew, and then hustle ahead and repeat the process.

Nobody hit the ground and we are all back where we ought to be so I call it a success.



At 9:27 AM, Blogger Jean said...

Lo, how the mighty are humbled. Way to go Superman!

At 10:08 AM, Blogger Jen said...

so, can you teach a old donkey new tricks? Or is the horse just way smarter?

At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Stephe said...

Man, that is some progress, all right. Whew.


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