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Monday, April 27, 2009

Frightening cake-toppers, part two.

Commenter Cynthia (thank you!!) pointed me to this life-size cake topper. The creator wrote:
This life-size portrait wedding cake was inspired by two large bride and groom cakes at a wedding the bride attended in Nigeria when she was a child ... Elizabeth sculpted the head and shoulders in Austin, Tx and Nikki, with Absolutely Editable Cakes, created the wedding gown cake in Dallas, Tx. The head is made out of polymer clay and has 24mm glass eyes which added to the realism of this sculpture. The bride said this incredible cake was the talk of the reception and everyone was taking pictures of it with their cell phones!

My son pointed out that the bride's dress is actually - well, I think the cutting of this cake might have been a bit creepy.

I posted some amazing shots of wonderful realistic caricature cake toppers (that I actually adore) on my new North Carolina weddings blog (custom cake toppers).



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