Friday, March 13, 2009

Best ad seen this week.

On the way to Greensboro I found this in a free advertising newspaper. So many charms!

You can click to see it better. A transcription:

"I had pain in my back, legs, stomach, head, arms, and my hair was falling out. Because I was voodooed. I had a curse on me. But Rev. Williams helped me on my very first visit." Brenda Brown Testimonial

Has someone put a spell on you? Are you full of bad luck? Do you have enemies that get you down? Do you have a strange sickness doctors can't find? Are your nerves destroying you? Do you always take one step forward & ten steps backwards? Do you want a loved one returned to you? Do you feel lonely because you lost your love to another person. Then see REV. WILLIAMS today! Why suffer, why worry? Let REV. WILLIAMS help you with all problems.

Don't Confuse Reverend Williams with Palm Readers.
The Rev. Williams is an ordained minister of God!



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