Friday, August 15, 2008

Unsolicited testimonial for a fine business: "PamOr Fine Print"

The original for my album cover is too big, and too stiff, to get scanned at Kinko's - or, as it turns out, at about twenty other businesses within forty miles of here.

Many businesses explained to me why they couldn't do this - they want originals that can be mounted on a drum, and they felt compelled to tell me that nobody else could do it either. "Nobody has a large-scale flatbed scanner in North Carolina."

Nonsense! Never say never!

I tried copy centers, printing houses, newspapers, UNC press... I did find a guy who said he could do it, but he was an hour away and wanted $75.

There used to be a Dutch guy - actually South African, maybe - around here who could have done it, but I searched for him high and low: his website has vanished and his phone number is disconnected.

This was starting to remind me of a nearly futile search I made decades ago, in Kingston Ontario, trying to find somebody who would repair my glasses. The first ten guys all said, "can't be done," but the eleventh guy said, "sure!" and went in the back room and five minutes later my glasses were fixed, permanently.

So I persisted and after an hour and a half of looking, I found a guy who said "Sure." His name is Bill Griggs, and he is proprietor of PamOr Fine Print: "Large Format Digital Printing, Scanning, Photo Restoration, Digital Photo Printing, Fine Art Giclee Printing, Graphic Design, and Signs. His phone number is 919-559-2846 and his email is His price was very reasonable and his dog is cute.

His website isn't exactly up yet, so just call him.

Anyway, I don't usually do this but I put this here in case somebody else around here is searching the way I was, looking for the eleventh person, who will say "sure!" when everybody else said "can't be done."

Click the picture for a bigger view of the low-resolution version he did.

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At 9:12 PM, Blogger Cap'n Sylvia Sharkbait said...

Beautiful cover. When can we buy the CD?


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