Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Yet again I find myself in search of something a person isn't supposed to want: crabgrass.

I've decided some of Jethro the donkey's current sulkiness is caused by his dislike of the hay I bought him this spring. The guy who sold it to me advertised it as "orchard grass and oat hay mix" and according to the donkey list, donkeys are supposed to like it. However, Jethro doesn't. I think he's a little bit hungry all the time because he disdains this breakfast, and he's a little bit angry that as he gazes outside his round pen he sees green stuff in every direction.

Inside his round pen, it looks like the desert. If I let him out where it's green for too long, it starts to look like the desert there, too, so I have to be careful.

When I've been taking him for weed-stealing walks, I've noticed his very favorite comestible is low-growing, very green, slightly hairy grass that grows right at the edge of gravel driveways. After some desultory poking around at Google Images, I decided it's crabgrass.

Well, great! I remember my dad expending a lot of energy trying to get rid of crabgrass, so it ought to be strong and self-spreading stuff, right?

But there isn't any in Jethro's fields. Why not? Did he eat it all down so low he killed it?

Nobody sells crabgrass hay. Nobody sells crabgrass seeds. I know, because I've been looking.

While I was looking I found this false offer which made me laugh:

Crabgrass - Cheap Prices ... Crabgrass on Sale.

In actual fact, Nextag just offered me sites selling bags and bags and bags of poison.

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