Friday, June 27, 2008

In which I remind myself that "Nothing Is Wasted."

Well, I had to hit the abort button on the trip to Blowing Rock with Jethro (we were going to join the "Whips and Wheels" monthly carriage drive). It wasn't possible to get the trailer lights functioning despite hours of sweating under the sun. My two kindly, generous helpers (the Ex-ex-pat, and the Electrician Drummer) and I just ran out of time.

Half a century ago, at this point my lower lip would be sticking out and my eyebrows would be beetled (the look my mother used to call "Princess Black Cloud"). How I loathe giving up! But at least I've learned how to do it! In the bad old days I would have loaded Jethro into the trailer without functioning lights and driven off to Boone anyway. That would have been so stupid.

So now, instead of camping at the Equestrian Reserve I'm cheerfully musing about my good fortune - how wonderful to have friends who indulge me and try to help me, even when they think what they're helping to do shouldn't really be done.

It's best to re-frame this as a dry run. I assembled big bags of hay, oats, and "sweet feed" and put them in the car, along with the clicker and Fruit Loops; gallons of water and a bucket; a tent and a sleeping bag and an overnight bag; the whip (a bamboo stick with a grocery bag rubberbanded to the end of it) and the harness.

Also, surely the lights WILL be working soon; also, it's good I found out what I have to do to make the trailer legal; also, Jethro now will hop happily in and out of his trailer again (he had been considering re-engaging his initial phobia, but Fruit Loops dissuaded him). And finally, I made contact with nice people who assured me a donkey will be welcomed at a carriage drive.

Jethro and I took a nice walk in the rain tonight and I explained to him that he has to start making me proud. I promised: if he will stop having tantrums, I too will endeavor to simulate more adult behavior.




At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Lin B said...

The increase in equanimity that you describe -- or wisdom, or patience, or perspective, or whatever it is -- makes it almost worth getting old, doesn't it.


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