Sunday, July 20, 2008

Asheville Friday morning: 61st Annual Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands

We were lucky to be in Asheville for the Craft Fair. This event features works of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. Some of our favorites were:

  • Allen Davis (tiny, smooth "quilted" wooden bowls)
  • Ray Jones (wonderful wooden boxes)
  • Doug McKubbins - Hannah chose one of his bags as my birthday present to her.
  • Ramsey Hall Jewelry: if I wore jewelry this is what I would have bought.
  • Tommye McClure Scanlin's tapestry demonstration and her homemade plumbing pipe looms
  • Jim Sams was our favorite exhibitor, creator of orchids, tiger lilies, magnolias, blood root, columbine, and other native plants out of wood. His pieces were miraculous, these pictures don't come close to doing them justice.
  • Susan Webb Lee quilts
  • James Edward Barnes "wood cloisonne" pieces which you'd have to have a huge house to display properly
  • Lloyd Pottery. I was mightily tempted by the tiles...

Hannah bought a pair of bronze dogwood earrings, but I can't find the website.

After we left, we found the Woolworth Walk, another crafts area, and there Hannah bought some pottery and I bought a cigar box fiddle (see next post).

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