Friday, April 11, 2008

[New York]: Backstage at the New York City Opera

The Urban Caballero has a friend who just got her big break playing the Top Main Important Ingenue Soprano in Candide at the New York City Opera. She was great in the show, of course, but the coolest part was that she took us backstage at the opera. After getting past the prison guard standing at the entrance, we got to go up to her dressing room (which, very impressively, said "Miss Worsham" on the door!). She hollered hello in her very high soprano voice, showed us her makeup table and her personal shower (!) and, when she wasn't looking, we all sneakily petted her fantastic costumes.

Then we went back out to the hallway, and while we were meeting some of the other stars of the show the Urban Caballero had a tremendous New York City Opera cockroach fall off the wall onto his shoulder, so that was exciting.


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