Sunday, September 16, 2007

Visiting Jethro the donkey

Today my daughter Hannah, her boyfriend the Companionable Atheist, and I drove two hours west to Mooresville, NC to visit Jethro, the donkey I bought a few weeks ago. He just got gelded Thursday and wasn't in a great mood but we had fun anyway. Craig, the man who sold me the donkey and who is keeping him now on his father's farm, called us "The Yankees."

Jethro's faith in the human race is somewhat less than it was before his operation, but he still watched us approach with interest.

Craig brought him some treats, admitting ruefully that it probably wasn't going to be as easy to get him in the trailer next time.

Wary as he may be, he's not too wary for treats. And when I bumped him in the shoulder, he bumped back. I can't wait to get him home and try this training method.

I think he was sorry to see us go, or maybe he was just hoping for another bucket of treats.

He'll come to my place around October 11, when Craig has to deliver a load of turkeys to Raleigh. In the mean time there's a lot to do to fix up his new home.

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At 2:07 PM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

He is muy guaypo, and it looks as though he is being a sport about forgiving and forgetting after what just happened to him [enough said about that]. We can all learn from this donkey. I'm pretty impressed. He is no jackass....which you can't say about a lot of people.


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