Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Another one sick in bed.

I just got up enough energy to look at ONE blog and it was "Jew Eat Yet?" and Danny wrote:
I’ve been sick in bed since Thursday with some kind of virus/flu. I still have a bad cough but if I don’t wrench myself out of bed today I’m afraid I never will. ... I’ve also noticed that whenever I’m sick I judge myself mercilessly as if I have no right to engage in such a silly self-indulgence as resting in bed. Shouldn’t I at least be catching up on work projects, committing Shakespeare to memory, or learning Italian?
Zed called me today because he was worried: I hadn't been writing in my blog. I'd hoped my daughter Melina might pick up the slack, but no. (What's your excuse, dear?)

I went to my last Spanish class today and then cancelled everything else and came back and crawled in bed. Unlike Danny (who goes on in the article above to comment on the many movies and shows he's seen on tv whilst flat on his back) I couldn't even watch tv or read or listen to the radio. I just lay flat and did nothing.

I wasn't even bored.

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At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(((((Melinama))))---Seems that you have caught some nasty bug...did you get a flu shot?? I have for the last 3 years because my students are always sick, but they come to class anyway and cough on everyone else. Get well soon. ~~~Susanlynn

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Sylvia said...

Gosh, it sounds like you feel simply awful. I sincerely hope that you feel better soon.


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