Monday, November 20, 2006

My big job for the day...

... to excavate in my kids' rooms. They're coming home for Thanksgiving and would not be happy to see all the stuff I've piled on their beds while they've been away...

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At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am guilty of the same. Oddly, four people lived comfortably in this house for about 20 + years. Now, my ''stuff'' has gradually taken over every room. I wish I could control this. I think that I've tried to fill the empty spaces so that the house feels less empty without the girls---paging Dr. Freud---or maybe I should check with that teenage psychologist Rual from Heridas. ~~~Susanlynn, already in a holiday panic

At 1:53 AM, Anonymous Thomas Williams said...

I'm glad your family will be together for Thanksgiving - it's a special time of year, and I wish people could focus more on that as opposed to Christmas, in November!

I am however sad that, not only did you not reply to my post about your King's Singers review, but that you deleted it too. This makes me sad because:
1. Blogging is about putting an opinion out into the public domain;
2. Other people may chance upon your blog and disagree with your opinion;
3. If you're not interested in other people's opinion, why blog?
4. If you ARE interested in other people's opinion, why delete it?

If you just seek to keep the comments of those who agree with you, then isn't that a shame? After all, I sense that you're the kind of person who would believe in a voice for everyone, and a deletion smacks of a form of censorship or invalidation of the opinion of another. Which, I would say, undermines the principle behind blogging. If you write in an opinionated (and, in my view, factually incorrect) way, you can't expect those who disagree simply not to comment. Deletion is a "stick your head in the sand" mentality. Yet if you ignore something, it doesn't always go away....

This'll probably get deleted too. Which will, in a very satisfying way, prove my point.

Happy Thanksgiving.

At 7:23 AM, Blogger melinama said...

Thomas, you are crazy, you have left the same extremely long comment about six different places on my blog where it did not belong at all. You never left a return email or I would have emailed you privately. My blog is not a place for your polemics. What's the matter with you? Just leave this alone. That Kings Singer concert was years ago and I said I liked it. Just cool it.


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