Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A grus fun Niu-Iork ...*

I am squeezed into a defensible position in Melina's living room, writing to you thanks to the hijacked wi-fi of the neighbors. Melina and her roommates actually have a properly paid-for legitimate network of their own, only it doesn't work, and the cable guy will only come during business hours, when all three of them work. She doesn't want to talk about it.

We had a parking lot picked out for me to use, but it has corners too sharp for vans. He sent me a few blocks away to a lot with gentler corners, but it was full. He sent me to a third lot, which was also full. So I went to a scuzzy gravel lot where "Larry" was sitting in a lawn chair and asked if I could park there. Larry said it's a daily lot only, but he'd let me leave my car there, only nobody is watching the place at night. I was tired so I'm taking my chances. I walked down to Melina's business and she instantly said, "Well, are you sure that was really Larry's lot? Maybe he was just a guy sitting out there in a lawn chair accepting people's money." We'll see.

We had a nice Brazilian dinner and then we took the subway down to Battery Park and watched scores of sailboats, big and small, taking advantage of the balmy, breezy evening, and we sat and did nothing for a long time, just smelled the salt air and watched lovers hold hands and boys fly by on their skateboards, and eventually we watched the sun go down, not quite behind the Statue of Liberty, but almost.

Then we took the subway back and we went into her corner store where a half-gallon of milk and a box of Total cereal cost $9.00.

* That means, "a greeting from New York"

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