Saturday, August 26, 2006

Deceptive online check printing services RANT!


I just wasted an entire hour online trying to get new checks. I know, most people say: "You don't need checks any more, just pay your bills online." However, I do business with a lot of service people who don't offer online billpaying. Actual humans...
  • Like Mr. Johnson who picks up my trash and doesn't even give me a bill, just once in a while (like every year and a half) he puts notes on his customers' doors saying "Please look at your last payment to me and pay what you owe since then."

  • Like my cleaners Dayzi and Veronika

  • Like the musicians who do gigs with me

  • Like the people who sell stuff at street fairs

So, OK, I still need checks.,, - every single site is doing something sleazy. On some of these sites, you can't even see the price of anything until you have completed your order. On others, "FREE SHIPPING FOR FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS" is emblazoned on every page, but when you go to make your order, AFTER you have entered all your information (with the routing numbers etc.) there is a hefty $4.50 "handling charge" ...

And what's with penalizing return customers? In most businesses, repeat business is rewarded. With check printing companies, the returning customer pays twice as much as the new customer. I have seen this advice given, therefore: "Just alternate between all the different companies - eventually your name will be purged from the system and you'll be new again."

I want my hour back.

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At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on rebates that never arrive...


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