Thursday, August 24, 2006

Update on "Vot ken yu makh, es iz Amerike."

I found this post referencing the Aaron Lebedeff song I just recommended to you - the title means, remember, "What Can You Do? It's America!"

Eliezer Kaplan wrote:
Jerry Falwell (who seems to be self destructing) says Tinky Winky (the tele-tubby) is gay. The British reaction? Voz ken you makh, s'iz Amerikeh, s'iz Amerikeh, voz ken you makh.



At 9:50 PM, Anonymous carlo-21 said...

It's very hard to prove that any of the tele-tubbies are gay. I don't even know which of them are male and which are female. I think that all of them are queer. They don't sound as though they belong to either gender.

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous alma said...

I always thought those Teletubbies were really creepy. Luckily, they came along just as my older child was getting past the toddler TV stage, and they were long gone before my younger one started watching TV. I thank the lord for small blessings like these! But the reference to the song seems very appropriate. Melinama, can you tell us how to pronouce this "Voz ken you makh, s'iz Amerikeh"?


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