Monday, February 20, 2006

Three Mile Island lamp for sale

I saw this excellent lamp, for sale at eBay, at BoingBoing. The seller writes:
Here is a lamp in the shape of a nuclear power cooling tower with large 3/4 inch raised letters proclaiming it to be from Three Mile Island! It is a ceramic base about 10-1/2 inches tall and 9 inches across the base.

The lamp shade has a picture of all four cooling towers from the Three Mile Island power generating station and has the caption "THREE MILE ISLAND NUCLEAR GENERATING STATION - MIDDLETOWN, PENNSYLVANIA". The total height of the lamp and shade is 23-1/2 inches.

The lamp base is tan in color with striking brown shading. the shade is white with gold trim and the picture on it is about 12 inches across. The lamp actually works - it's a "three way" set up (low, medium, high) but the plug is not polarized. The lamp base is in excellent shape with the statement "NUCLEAR ACCIDENT - MARCH 28 - 1979 - MIDDLETOWN - PA" on the bottom ( you have to turn it upside down to see it). The shade is in great physical condition with some stains on the inside and outside.

It makes quite a statement and quite possibly goes with any decor!
I'd bid on it if I hadn't been spending so much money on art supplies lately... but what I want to know is, who made this? And are there any more?

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At 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I actually have one in my basement. My father gave it to me when i was a child. He spent his career as a lawyer for GPU Nuclear, the company that ran TMI. I spent many of my young years making trips from Reading to Hershey after the accident. I was searching the net to try to price the object to put it on Ebay.


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