Saturday, August 13, 2005

J-Walk fun

After writing about Heschel's The Sabbath last week, I'm thinking about trying to make some changes. One is, I'm going cold turkey on the radio Saturday mornings. If the world blows up, I'm sure somebody will call and tell me about it. Another is, I'm not going to fret about feeding my blog.

So, instead - Chris at Cynical-C blog pointed his readers to J-Walk (another hyphenated site).

There you can find notes on The Third Annual Nigerian EMail Conference ("Write better emails. Make more moneys.")

I love much, much more J-walk's spectacular annoying background images. I am particularly fond of #21, #28, and #30.

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At 9:35 AM, Blogger Mirty said...

Ahhh. Annoying backgrounds! Just what I've been missing. I'm going to apply #28 to our congregation newsletter! ;)


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