Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Blogroll visit

Today, a tour.
  • "Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina" has pix and instructions for the wonderful focaccia she cooked during Blogathon 2005. She's an entertaining writer and I wish she'd invite me over for dinner.

  • Ronni Bennett at "Time Goes By" shared links to bloggers she met at Blogher '05 - I went to visit them all. One example: the all-about-death Legacy Matters, which reminds us: "The only thing you take with you when you're gone is what you leave behind."

  • Here's's most recent example of perplexing Japanese marketing in English.

  • Fred of "Fragments from Floyd" is writing about his writing workshop at Hindman and I'm fascinated. Go to a new place where nobody knows you, and wonder if you can be part of the gang. Remember in grade school, coming out of the cafeteria line with your tray and feeling fearful and ill at ease about where to sit down? If somebody had told you then that decades later you'd still get that feeling, wouldn't you have been discouraged? Isn't it good we can't see into the future?

  • The Little Professor reviewed Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian which is actually a Dracula book. I was into it because our brand new book club started out with this book. (Hmm, we were a little slack. I read the whole book but by the time we met I'd mostly forgotten it. One other had read the whole thing. One young mom had read all but the last ten pages; when she begged her daughter, an hour before the meeting, "Let's both read," thinking parallel play, I can finish the book!, instead the girl hauled out Harry Potter and demanded a chapter. Another young mom had read only the first fifty pages; the fifth person, a guy who edits Vietnamese literature in translation, hadn't read any of it at all. This didn't inhibit our discussion in the slightest, but we weren't up to the Little Professor's level.)

  • Lastly, Isabella at Magnificent Octopus was amused to find out that her blog was Google's answer to the search "where book nerds hang out."

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