Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mecha kawaii

Badaunt at present simple made an impulse trip from Japan to London via Kuala Lampur:
You've got to love the pedestrian crossing lights in KL. There's the little green man, walking, and you think you can cross, and then suddenly the little green man starts running like hell."
Then, in London, she informs us,
As we walked here today we saw a squirrel. I have never seen a squirrel before. I took several pictures. It was mecha kawaii."
Bandaunt not being around much (she's sightseeing) I can't ask her what mecha kawaii is, so of course I googled it. At a site defining Anime Lyrics I saw this:
Mecha kawaii Rakki hoshii n' ja nai? - "Don't you want super-cute Lucky?"
At I found this:
"well one slang word is 'mecha,' it means very/really. It's a word that no old people use! kakoi ne!!! oh, and it's used mostly in compliments, i think. like mecha kawaii.

And How to talk the talk:
This is the Japanese for "cute". The quality of cute is very important in Japanese culture and therefore is a major marketing influence for much manga and anime. You could even say cuteness is a national fixation in Japan. The North American stereotype of manga as "big eyes, big hair" stems from kawaii.

All the mechanical vehicles and gizmos that play a large role in some genres of manga. Mecha can include things like motorcycles, planes and even giant robots and starships.
When badaunt comes back, I hope she'll spin this for us a bit.


At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meccha Kawaii is a modern slang word for "very cute".
You will see high school girls and young girls saying that in the streets.


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