Wednesday, August 17, 2005

If you're visiting for the first time, via About Last Night, welcome! Looking for something else to read while you're here? My own favorites are listed in the "Read Again" section on the right - including
  • My daughter's report on the Neshoba County Fair, aka "Republican Woodstock;"

  • My report on a hot-sauce king who donated his factory to a yoga-in-the-prisons king who plans to make biodiesel out of the oil from the North Carolina State Fair and bankroll the startup by selling blueberries plus cds of his own renditions of John Lennon songs plus his own song, "Walter the Pigeon" (I didn't put that part in the story, it's a bonus);

  • The story of my life as a professional poet: "Melinama's Sonnet Service."
Hope you enjoy your visit. Y'all come back, now.


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