Monday, July 04, 2005

A young Confederate

Here is a great picture from the Natchez temple exhibit. The littlest kid in this picture, the caption says, is named "Robert E. Lee Geisenberger." Look at that serious look on his face. They took kids seriously back then! He's wearing so many clothes! Wonder where he ended up -- think he asked people to call him "Bob"?

My lovely apartment, mysteriously, has started to have gigantic dead cockroaches all over the floor. They are BIG down here! Someone at work told me, "oh, those big ones are the wood roaches. They don't really like being in the house." As if that would make me feel any better. I don't care what they think about the house. They shouldn't have come in in the first place. I love it at night when you open the door to go in and the roaches make a mad dash for the door. Do they just KNOW it's good in there? I guess those are the small evil house roaches that do that. If you are curious, here are some theories about why they always end up dying on their backs.

I have been spending a fair amount of time observing my neighbors who live in the duplex on the other side of the driveway. They are a tribe of motorcycle people. They do not seem to own a car - or maybe they own one, among about five of them, but they have literally filled their carport up with motorcycles of various sizes. Their hobby is fixing the motorcycles. There are always a few of them outside in the evening, doing something to the motorcycles while others wander in and out with snacks or loiter and play with their small children. Looks like fun, actually - but since I don't have a motorcycle it would be hard to think of what to talk to them about.




At 7:28 AM, Blogger melinama said...

We have somebody in our neighborhood like that! He has about ten cars in his driveway. Some are under canvas, some are rotting away in the open. His current car is almost sticking out into the road, even though the driveway is very long, so every day he has to carry his groceries, or whatever, all the way up the driveway. In the rain, if it's raining. Recently I've been told this is his collection of cars for parts. And on the trip up here we stayed in Jacobus Pennsylvania, where the people next door had pieces of cars out on their lawn, with a sign saying something like, "cars being sold off piece by piece."


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