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Thursday, July 28, 2005

How Bora Became a Biologist

At Science and Politics read how Bora became a biologist. The most interesting thing I've ever read there! A great lesson in finding - and living - Plan B, Plan C, Plan D...

An animal lover who grew up in Belgrade, "a grey city with three native species: pigeons, rats and cockroaches," Bora considered a future with the circus, the zoo, the pet industry... He worked at a racecourse ...
Why [didn't anybody tell] me then about some other alternatives?! How about nature photography? Or a career in science journalism, or becoming a science policy advisor to the President? Writing, editing and/or illustrating science textbooks? Writing popular science books? Those all look interesting to me today, but those never occured to me when I was younger. Today, I make a point of mentioning all of these choices whenever I talk about careers with students. And who knows, I may end up actually doing one of those things if I don't manage to get a decent job in the academia.
He went to Veterinary school and thought he would buy land and settle in with
a barn for my own horses, a few brood mares, perhaps some ponies for a riding school. I was even considering saving one of the local girls from patriarchy by asking her father for her hand, then introducing her to the beauties of gender equality. It could have been a good life. ... But then it became obvious that war was about to start. I sold my horse and saddle and bought a plane ticket to the USA ... I applied to Biology/Zoology departments ... And what next? I don't know.
Surf over and read the whole story! And then read more about career planning and the unlikelihood of living Plan A.

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