Monday, June 06, 2005

A note about "Pingomatic"

Update: It seems does not, in fact, receive a ping from Pingomatic. If I use blogrolling's own ping form, though, my site seems to get updated on other people's blogrolls. See what you think.

Hello friends,

You may notice that on my blogroll some sites have little asterisks next to them. These are sites which knows were updated within the last twelve hours.

You may also notice that, if you let your mouse hover over an individual site link, in most cases you will see information about when the site was last updated.

Today, for instance, Reflections in d minor says it was last updated on May 9. But wait! If you go visit that blog (go ahead, go visit! Right now. I'll wait...) you'll notice it was actually updated today, June 6!

That means Lynn is not getting credit for her updates! She does not get special update asterisks! That also means her site does not show up in "recently updated" lists all over the web, for instance at Technorati!

There is an easy solution for this. The next time you update your site, take a moment to:
  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your blog name and its URL
  3. Check all those boxes (places which note updated blogs)
  4. Click "submit pings."
The site remembers the information you put in, so the next time you update your blog and go to notify Pingomatic, all your info will still be there.

Then we will all know you have a new post and flock over to your site avidly.

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You've been tagged!


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