Sunday, January 30, 2005

Janet's great 90s things - and drachenfutter

The Art of Getting By recently had a fun series on Great Things About I Love The 90's and here is just one:
"Caller ID freed up a lot of people from friendships and family members they no longer wanted to deal with. With the technology we have today, I want an emotional Caller ID. I want to know what mood they're in. If it's my wife and she's angry? I'll pass." (Greg Fitzsimmons)
And by the way, that guy should lay in some serious Drachenfutter (dragon fodder), which is (from Christopher J. Moore's In Other Words):
"the offering German husbands make to their wives - breathing raging fire at the cave entrance - when they've stayed out late or they have otherwise engaged in some kind of inappropriate behavior. A nice box of chocolates, or some flowers, perhaps to mask the beer fumes."

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At 7:32 PM, Blogger Janet said...

Hey thanks for the post. I'm glad you enjoyed and hope you come back. In fact, I've got a fun February game going on right now you might be interested in.

P.S.- I'm not Jen, am I?


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