Thursday, January 27, 2005


Very popular recently around here is internet radio. I guess I should have figured there would be a station for gay a cappella music from Irkutsk. My son favors techno music from India. I like the rembetika stations, and "La Epoca de Oro," and the Bosnian station.

Bosnian music is soulful and ornamented like a fractal. I attended a vocal master class by a Bosnian once; when he was asked to slow down so the twists and turns could be heard, he redoubled their number.

Recently I met a Bosnian gypsy accordion player in a little seaside town north of Dublin. He was busking and his wife in her headscarf was squatting on the sidewalk in the cold, while their beautiful daughter was dancing around and shining her radiant smile into the faces of the passersby. I was leaving the next day so I gave them my considerable stash of Euros. The wife tried to explain what had happened to them before they left home. She kept holding her crossed wrists out to me, hands palms up.

Gypsies and their music: make an effort to see the dialog-free award winning movie Latcho Drom. (Unfortunately not on dvd yet, but worth dusting off the VCR.)

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