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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Be good to the valet...

Bitter Waitress will remind you that what goes around comes around. It's easy enough to leave a decent tip. Otherwise, you may make it into the bad tippers' database at this website! Here are some reports:
Caroline Kennedy- A demanding, high maintenance person who needs to learn how to tip better. Very sad though, I feel kind of sorry for her.

Shirley MacLaine- Kind of a wack job, but so nice and cool :) Talked to me for a half an hour about theater. She likes her cappucino with lots of foam and Sugar in the Raw on the top. Always 25 percent from her. She likes to take food home for her dog.

Judy Collins- She was famous in the 70's for some shitty songs she wrote. She comes in with her asshole husband and sends us running all over the place. If she pays, she tips well. If he pays, we get 15 percent. She is so conceited it's ridiculous- especially when nobody knows who she is!!!

Cameron Diaz. She came in looking all ratty, no make-up (which someone with her skin should just not attempt. I think the moon may have less craters), and her hair was all skanky. I was very polite, did my job well, but will admit I did not go out of my way to fawn over her. Apparently she didn't like that too much because she was very snotty the whole evening and left me $6.00 for a $98 check. Bitch!

Several years ago, on the "Tonight Show" Gwyneth Paltrow mentioned that she wanted some (now defunct) Birkenstocks. A store in Lawrence, KS (Footsteps) contacted the Tonight Show to say that they had the Birks in stock. When the store was contacted, the owner quoted a price of ~$90. The owner was informed that "Ms Paltrow doesn't pay".

I work at the Foreign Cinema in San Francisco. It's become "a hot spot" here in sf. We've had many celeberties frequent our restaurant. The one that i remember was Sharon Stone. I was working as a runner and my good friend was serving her and her husband. She ran my friend ragged and after presening the bill of $139 she only left $9. On the way out she stiffed the valet.

Terri Seymour - I was not surprised to see another complaint about Terri Seymour's behavior in restaurants.I have served Ms. Seymour on several occasions and each time she has been throughly rude. She always demands items which are not on the menu or if they are on the menu she will fuss and make sure that she gets a smaller portion. If the size is not exactly right, she will send it back. She always contests items on the bill even though we have the records to prove that they have been ordered. And however large the check has been, she has never left more than a $2 dollar tip.

Terri and a friend came into the restaurant my friend works at and was a total bitch. She demanded loads and sent her food back three times and when my friend accidently spilled some water she shouted: "You stupid bitch!" She gave a $1 tip on a $60 tab.

It broke my heart when I encountered the biggest bitch of them all, Linda Carter. Of course, I knew there was no way that this woman could possibly live up to the near perfect image I had of her form the old Wonder Woman days. ... In July of 1998 she and her family stayed at the hotel for two weeks, the worst two weeks of my life. It was a constant stream of slaving over this family with the promise of great tips to come. I can still remember the exact moment when my false image of this woman was shattered. The family had six mountain bikes they had rented in storage in the lower level of the hotel. Early one morning, Linda Carter came to me and asked for the bikes to be brought up. I had to use the stairs for this task. So for the next ten minutes I was running down the stairs and back up with a bike on each shoulder. Three times. I was pretty tired at the conclusion, but still I expected something in the form of compensation. At this point Linda Carter turns to her husband and says (in the most condescending voice I have ever heard), "Give the boy a dollar, honey." When he handed me the dollar I let it slide through my hand and onto the ground and walked away. It still angers me to talk about her.

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At 8:39 AM, Blogger kenju said...

OUCH! This makes me happy I am not a celebrity. I probably don't tip enough - but at least it will not be written about - I hope!

At 11:34 PM, Blogger Lora said...

I wait tables and I had never seen this site before. Thanks, once again, for the bring it to my attention. I'm afraid I don't have any good stories about celebrities though. You can tell a lot about a person by how they treat the waitstaff.

At 11:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad that bitch of a waiter didn't receive anything more than $6 for a $98 check from Cameron Diaz considering all the shit she was judging about Cameron behind her back. She deserved less. FUCK YOU.


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