Friday, November 27, 2015

Review of "America's Best Value Inn" in Statesville, NC

I skipped Thanksgiving this year because my kids were elsewhere and if I couldn't celebrate with them I didn't want to celebrate at all. I had lunch on Thursday with my friend Paul (hard boiled eggs and butternut squash) and then drove to Statesville and stayed at this dubious establishment, "American's Best Value Inn," which used to be a Motel 8.

I would have posted this at some travel site but they all want you to make an account to leave a review. So at this place:

There was a toilet on the walkway outside my room.

I booked a non-smoking room but the room reeked of cigarettes. The maintenance guy came, unannounced, and scared me by sticking his head in the window and telling me to let him in. He was checking my bathroom for leaking. When I pointed out folks had been smoking in there, he agreed and said "I can come spray air freshener in here for you." There was a hole punched in the wall by previous tenant. In the night a guy outside my window was yelling "LET ME IN DAMN IT" over and over again. My floor was sticky. The tv was old and the picture was faded. The room was dark. In the breakfast area, the table was sticky. The juice machine was broken and the waffle machine was out of batter.

On the other hand, the internet worked.


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