Wednesday, July 06, 2011

[Hannah]: On Philadelphia Merchants, 1750s

"They breakfasted at eight or half-past; and by nine were in their counting houses, laying out the business of the day; at ten they were on their wharves, with their aprons around their waists, rolling hogsheads of rum and molasses; at twelve, at market, flying about as dirty and diligent as porters; at two back again to the rolling, heaving, hallooing, and scribbling. At four they went home to dress for dinner; at seven, to the play; at eleven, to supper, with a crew of lusty Bacchanals who would smoke cigars, gulp down brandy, and sing, roar, and shout in the thickening clouds they created like so may merry devils, till three in the morning."

- quoted from a contemporary foreign traveler in Charles Rappleye, Robert Morris


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