Friday, July 16, 2010

Jethro and Superman get a pedicure

I meant to take pictures when the farrier came at 6:30 this morning, but he was late and I got talking to my houseguest and by the time I realized his truck was in the driveway, he was finished! No pictures!

Horses and donkeys have the same problem with their hooves that we have with our fingernails: they get too long. Every 6-8 weeks you're supposed to have the farrier out to trim their nails.

The farrier who came out when Jethro was new here FIRED him because he tried to kick her. She tossed me a rasp and said: "You do it from now on." !!

So I have. It's not easy work. Donkey hooves are big and tough. I try to do it when the weather has been wet. Filing them is hard work...

... and it's been so hot and dry this summer I've put it off until it was too much for me to handle.

Well, Greg Brittenham is a great farrier as far as I can see. He had no trouble with my critters (I'd tied them up in advance and given them their breakfast so they ate throughout the operation)...

... so I made the momentous decision to get on his rotation. I feel a little guilty hiring this work out when I can do it myself, but I have the same relief I felt years ago when I decided not to do my own oil changes any more.

Besides, why wouldn't I want to support a purveyor of such an arcane service?

Next time I'll try to get pictures.



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