Thursday, April 09, 2009

Passover rolls

I forgot to buy matzo (I know, I know) but I had cans of matza meal (oh! they are only half full when you open them, what a rip off!) so I made rolls this morning.

Pesach popovers

1 cup water
5 tablespoons of oil, butter, or a combination
1 ts salt
1 cup matzoh meal
4 eggs
Bring the first three ingredients to a boil. Take them off the heat and beat in the matzoh meal. Then beat in the eggs, with a wooden spoon, one at a time, it will take a while for them to be absorbed. Leave the mixture to sit for ten minutes. I dropped them off a teaspoon, in blobs somewhat smaller than a walnut, cooked them at 350 degrees for maybe half an hour (check).



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