Thursday, December 04, 2008

Build your own truckbox out of plywood.

I love my new Toyota Tacoma, but it has no indoor storage space whatever. I looked for truckboxes, new, used, on Craigslist, on eBay, on local sites, in the stores, and didn't see anything I liked.

The main things I didn't like about commercial boxes:
  • Too heavy;
  • Difficult to remove;
  • Too low to put suitcases and groceries into;
  • Most don't have offset hinges so they can't be mounted flush against the cab;
  • Too expensive.

So I bought a piece of pressure-treated plywood (goodness, it's gotten expensive!) and built this one.

I decided to put the lid on a slant, so I could open it widely and still have the box mounted flush to the cab. That did necessitate the unsightly plastic rain-protection over the hinges. If you have an idea how this could look prettier, let me know!

I added soft comfortable handles made out of polyester webbing, it was quite easy to get it into the truck bed with my son's help. For now, I'm just using polyester rope to hold it down. I hope to upgrade this soon.

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At 5:36 PM, Blogger Alma said...

Your genius mind never cceases to amaze me! I guess you'd have to paint it black in order to have the hinge covers blend in, but I imagine you could add some really cool embellishments, a la push-cart style.

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous melinama said...

Oh thank you Alma! I think I will paint it after the pressure-treated wood dries out completely...


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