Friday, June 06, 2008

How Jethro and I spent the evening

I learned a new word on the telenovela blog:

remoscar ยท ponerse a la sombra para defenderse de las moscas
= to put yourself in the shade to defend yourself from flies.

I was engaged in this occupation an hour ago...

I got an amazing cd called "Spook Less," it's a collection of 48 tracks of noxious noises. The idea is, you play it for your equine at meal time. Once again, fear and greed have to battle it out. I sat just outside the round pen with the cd player. It was interesting seeing how some sounds (including gunshots) did not cause even a pause in chewing but other sounds (like motorcycles and whips) made him go hustle over to stand on the other side of the pen.

Heartbreaking: when he heard the donkey on the cd, he got so excited and called and called and called.

Anyway, the bugs were out. Our legs were covered with flies, we were twitching and scratching.

I sure know how to have a rip-roaring Friday night.


At 6:02 AM, Anonymous stephe said...

Jethro is really lucky to have someone to care for him as much as you do. You go, melinama. :)


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