Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jethro visits Lockhardt's Trading Post

Since I got a donkey because I wanted to lead a slower life, thinking, "I don't have to live life any faster than this," today it was time to prove it; I spent a couple hours walking Jethro down the big road to the local convenience store. He has to get used to whizzing traffic.

I've noticed if I pay very careful attention to his ears, his neck, and the cadence of his hooves, it's easier to ward off disasters. If he puts his head and ears up and his step quickens, it's time to intervene. We have a new command, "Easy." That means, slow down and be here now. It got us all the way to Lockhardt's trading post.

Comment along the way: "That's a beautiful sight to see."

Another comment along the way: "Did your donkey run away?" (This guy couldn't seem to understand that we were walking along the road by choice.)

Another comment along the way: "You are taking your donkey for a walk." I guess this person just had to say it to believe it.

Down at the corner of 86 and Mt. Sinai Road I hitched him to the stop sign and let him munch the overgrown weeds while the cement trucks etc. whizzed by. At first he was astonished by all the hubbub, but the soothing presence of grass and weeds worked some magic on him. Then we walked down 86 a bit and crossed to Lockhardt's Trading Post, where they actually have something very like a hitching post, but there is no water trough.

I went in for a Diet Coke and the proprietor and the cook were beside themselves with amusement. "He looks perfect there, we oughta take a picture." Jethro howled while I was out of sight but when I came outside again I gave him the banana peels I'd been saving. We returned home without incident.




At 11:37 PM, Anonymous David McKnight said...

Taking care to park one's donkey properly and then proceeding to procure such a specific beverage as a Diet Coke is an accomplishment for which I now have the greatest respect.

After all, during a visit to the Walter Royal Davis Library at the University of North Carolina this week, I took a break from my Southwestern studies to go fetch a soft drink on the library's second level. I was wanting a "Cherry Pepsi," but I accidentally pressed the selection bar for a "Diet Cherry Pepsi."

At the time, I didn't give it much thought. figuring, well, this is close enough. But now I realize that I didn't even have a donkey to look after that afternoon, thus one would have supposed that I could have successfully "burroed in" to the right soft drink indicator.

So hats off to those who can mind both donkeys and beverages with equal aplomb.

[Remembering Walter Royal Davis]

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Jen said...

Congratulations on a successful outing! As a parent with small children, I know any trip to the store that ends without incident is worth celebrating!

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous novelera said...

I couldn't figure out how to email you from this blog. But, if you haven't heard about it, I thought you'd enjoy knowing about the donkey arrested in Mexico:


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