Saturday, February 23, 2008

[New York]: Latest adventures in breadmaking

A cheddar cheese bread with mustard and black pepper....

A wildflower-honey brioche...

I'm still having trouble with my sourdough. It always has a great flavor, but I can't get the rising right. If I don't let it rise very long, it bakes into a cinderblock. If I let it rise for a long period of time, it collapses flat in the oven (well, not totally flat, but not nearly round enough to slice) losing all its bubbles and becoming cinderblock-like again. I wonder if my dough is too wet or too dry? It tastes great and it does rise, so some piece of mechanics must be the problem. The Urban Caballero eats a slice of every loaf out of loyalty, and I don't want to keep feeding him cinderblock bread.


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