Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jethro arrives

Thanks to those who've been asking, though I feel like an old bore showing off snapshots of a new grandchild...

Craig rolled up my driveway a little before noon today with the long-awaited donkey.

I could see Jethro was calm and curious despite his 2+ hour ride bumping down the highway.

Ahh, he was just as cute as I'd remembered.

Here are two of the three famous turkeys raised by Craig's kids for the 4-H competition. The third one was so big he completely filled up a separate dog crate all by himself.

As it turned out, Craig hadn't finished, uh, restoring this fine donkey cart he had, but I'm happy to have it even in this condition. We won't be using it for quite a while. Maybe I should paint on it, "Harris Teeter or Bust."

The cart and the turkeys out of the way, it was time to haul the donkey out of the trailer. He came happily, his head held high.

I put him in the new "round pen," a small enclosure I plan to use until he reliably will come when I ask him to. The idea seems somewhat preposterous.

Jethro went a little nuts at the sight of all this new, never-been-munched verdure. Craig's pasture, due to the drought, has been a brown dustbowl for months.

Donkey training commenced forthwith. After a pro-forma period of stand-offishness Jethro proved himself very affectionate. He let me brush him and scratch his ears and I am dusty all over from donkey hugs.

Tomorrow Paco and I will put siding on the donkey house and I may try to put a halter on the donkey.



At 3:39 AM, Anonymous sylvia said...

Please don't call yourself an old bore. What does that make us? Jethro's not even our donkey! He's very cute and obviously curious. This is great stuff.

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

Congratulations ! He is a handsome boy. Let the bonding begin.

At 11:12 AM, Anonymous susanlynn said...

P.S. I don't like turkeys anymore than I like chickens...probably even less, but I must admit that those are very goodlooking, very attractive turkeys. I live in a rural area where a guy named Jainl has bought up lots of the land to raise turkeys and grow feed for them. When I used to teach at a local high school, I was greeted on many mornings by the ripe smell of turkeys from the nearby pens filled with these gobblers...not a good way to start the day.

At 11:25 AM, Anonymous Laurel said...

Hurrah - you have a donkey! Congratulations and thanks for sharing. He is seriously adorable.


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