Friday, May 18, 2007

More quotes from Caray, Caray!

From Caray, Caray!

At La Rinconada: Vera told Emilio she had given Alina some tea to help her sleep. Emilio said to himself, "Alina is sleeping." This is Emiliooo in a nutshell. If you ever need a quote to describe him perfectly, this is it. The other possibility is when he unnecessarily announced to everyone in the room who saw it for themselves, "Angel is out of his coma." What an idiot.

...65 days...13 weeks...that must be in dog years...I feel as if I've been watching this show for about 2 to 14 least. It's like being at one of those meetings where people are droning on and on about really unimportant stuff and going over and over things that have absolutely no meaning know the ones I mean...where they give a power point presentation and say exactly what is on the screen , but they say it over and over again and then they distribute papers that are exactly what is on the screen. At which point , I am always saying to myself [at least I think it's to myself although sometimes I may actually be saying it out loud] ''Why didn't you just hand out these pieces of paper 3 hours ago, and we could all be home now???'' ...been there, done that. If you still don't get what I'm implying, I will be doing a power point presentation later. ~~~Susanlynn, getting a little testy

I thought Joanna Benedek looked like she had her face pressed up against a window, except there was no window.

During last night's episode I was thinking about playing a new "La Fea Mas Bella" drinking game. Every time Lety calls Aldo "Mi amor," I could take a swig of drain cleaner!

Like many other TeleNovela characters who shall not be named, Pilar now gets a "My grandchild is an Honor Student at Stalker U" bumper sticker...

I'm not really certain how Rod maintains his physique. He doesn't appear to engage in any substantial amount of physical (or non-physical for that matter) work and spends most of his time moping around or hanging out all day with Mr. James at ye ol' watering hole. Occasionally he runs after people and cars, but certainly not regularly enough so as to constitute an adequate fitness routine. I'm not sure how he made it to Oxford - surely a large sum of money exchanged hands to arrange this. I wish some of the other characters (particularly Aaron) would utilize clear enunciation and articulation in the manner of Mr. James. (His bow tie, cap and argyle sweater must be held up at the tintoreria this week.)

I just realized that Rod frequently walks away from the lavish meals that his fitness-model wife has the help prepare for him. So his calorie intake is likely relatively far lower than that of other Mexican men who have hot blonde wives that arrange lavish gourmet meals on a regular basis.

Ana Leticia . . . she may be a dope, but she had enough sense to rest her head on the table during the board meeting.

His silence is the answer and she bounces up and down and yells a lot of things that weren't in my dictionary.

Dry Gulch Acres creeps me out so much I can barely bring myself to comment on it. I still can't get the image of gloomy MiƩrcoles Addams peering out the window at James outta my head.



At 9:22 AM, Anonymous sylvia said...

I always enjoy these out-of-context quotes because they manage to capture the very essence of silliness.

Also, the cookie recipes sound delicious. I enjoyed the story that went with the Bettye's Bars recipe.


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