Thursday, April 26, 2007

[Hannah]: Melina's Odyssey


I kind of miss my alter ego name! I have gotten very attached to it.

Here's where I'm going to be the next few days. This used to seem like it was an "efficient" plan but now I feel like it's probably more like "stupid":

Renting a car tomorrow morning (in Newark, because it's cheaper if you're underage there than in NY) and driving into the massachusetts mountains to a place where I have never been. Then, driving from this unknown place to Boston, dropping off the car at Logan airport, taking the T to the house of a friend of a friend, spending the night, going to two different boston libraries where I have never been before, spending the night again, leaving super early for the airport, flying to LA, going to a conference for two days, staying in a hotel, visiting family, staying overnight with family, then going to two more meetings in locations TBD, spending the night in a different hotel, then flying home.


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