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Friday, November 03, 2006

Melina: Close Encounters

So this guy Ted Haggard, who just resigned in response to allegations that he bought meth from and had sex with a male prostitute --- I was on the phone with this guy's assistant yesterday, two hours before the news broke, trying to find out something about Christian camps for work (eh, it wasn't *so* related, but it sounded interesting).

And the assistant sounded really weird and quiet. And I thought he was just socially awkward, or because I was Jewish, but now I'm thinking it's more likely that he sounded weird because HE JUST FOUND OUT HIS BOSS WHO RUNS A 14,000 MEMBER EVANGELICAL CHURCH HAD BEEN TAKING DRUGS AND HAVING SEX WITH A MALE PROSTITUTE.

Take a look at this guy. Honestly, doesn't this just *look* like someone on drugs?

Apparently, when "Pastor Ted" first set up shop in Colorado Springs, he'd go hang around, all Jesus-like, with the "sinners." These naturally included some drug dealers and some patrons of gay bars.

Looks like maybe he was hoping for something other than to save them.

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At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An interesting development for someone I know who is currently working on a book about Evangelicalism in America. He'll probably get a couple of chapters out of this new scandal. [p.s. It so happens that he , too, is Jewish!]Sometimes life is stranger than the telenovelas~~~Susanlynn, pondering men and their many temptations


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