Friday, May 26, 2006

The bats are back.

If you've been around Pratie Place since last August, you know there was grand excitement when Melina discovered I had a gazillion bats in my attic, behind the ventilation area you see in this picture; you can see my bedroom roof on at the left.

These are last year's pictures. There were way more bats before I disturbed them by going up the stairs.

I nailed up a big piece of hardware cloth on the inside of the louvers, so the bats would no longer bulge into MY part of the attic.

As I hammered, the bats were flying out of the louvers, and by the time I was finished, only three bats remained - all on my side of the hardware cloth! They flapped around our heads in the attic up there and we were pretty freaked out. Then they oozed out of tiny holes I wish I hadn't seen and Melina and I were - at last - alone.

They never came back. It turns out they were ready to fly the coop anyway, as I read in a newspaper article which said: "Thousands of big brown bats are fluttering out of Triangle attics. They've been holed up there for birthing season since May, and now that the young can fly, they are tearing off on a nightly swarm."


I woke up early this morning and since before dawn I've been watching little bodies hurtle in and out of the space just above my window; they fly so close I can hear their wings whirring. There are lots and lots of them. I even heard some excited whistling and chattering, I think (unless that was the sound of some mighty strange birds).

And that's today's report from the bush.

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At 10:21 AM, Blogger miatagirl said...

Amazing! Please be careful, a Durham woman was bitten by a rabid bat earlier this month. See the news article here.

At 3:29 AM, Blogger Badaunt said...

How wonderful!

I remember when I stayed with a friend in China there were bats outside my window at night, and I could hear them whistling and chattering. I loved that.

I see them here at dusk sometimes - they sleep under the elevated highways and railway lines - but never near the house. Having them in your house is somehow special, I think.


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