Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday cat blogging

This is my first and probably last participation in "Friday cat blogging," a strange internet custom. My feeling on hearing this story was: if there is a set amount of good luck in this world, Emily the cat got more than her share.

Remember this story?
EMILY, a young cat from Wisconsin, has earned herself a place in feline history by wandering from her American home [in September] and turning up three weeks later 4,200 miles away in France.

Workers at a paper lamination plant near the eastern city of Nancy found Emily, frightened and hungry, inside a container of paper bales that had been sealed in Wisconsin and shipped by road and sea across America, the Atlantic and France. A collar tag identified the stowaway as belonging to the McElhiney family of Appleton, who had given her up for lost.

Le chat Americain, as France is calling her, became a star yesterday with her picture on the front page of the Appleton newspaper, photo sessions with the French media, and offers from admirers to pay for her trip home.

Emily’s most impressive achievement was surviving for three weeks apparently without food and water.

Well, here's the followup:
Emily the cat, who was accidentally flown to France in a cargo container but returned to Milwaukee in the lap of luxury, is back home. Continental Airlines cargo agent Gaylia McLeod handed her over to Nick Herndon, 9, and his parents, Lesley and Donny McElhiney, [December 1].

From Atlanta:
On her flight home, Emily passed up peppered salmon filet and opted for French cat food. All that French food did Emily some good. "She's bigger and heavier than before," said one of her owners.

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