Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Stupid Off-field Injuries" via GQ

Zed arrived home with the new collection of National Geographic best-of photos - his favorite was the leaping armadillo. Melina and her boyfriend arrived with GQ, giggling over this article (I think the claim of "stupidest" is rash - surely stupider things than this have happened).

Happy Thanksgiving!

GQ's "Stupidest Off-field Injuries of All Time"

Wade BoggsBruised ribsFell onto couch while attempting to pull on cowboy bootsOne start
Darren BarnardAnkle ligament damageSlipped in puppy urineFive months
Lionel SimmonsTendinitisGame Boy tendinitisTwo games
Freddie LjungbergInflamed lymphatic glandInfected tattooONe month
Glenn HealyDeep cut to left thumb, requiring ten stitchesCut himself while disassembling vintage bagpipesOff-season

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