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Friday, July 27, 2007

"Elated with a Proper Joy"

Does anybody know the provenance of this song from the Colonial era? Thanks in advance!

Some Folks want Money and some don't - can't chosen men, for fee,
Count out the dollars and half pence that are lodged in Treasury?
And if in one Year's time or less the cash to England's sent
Why none, I'm sure, will ever grieve among our Parliament.

In case there is another war with Frenchmen on the coast
Cape Breton for to take again we easily may boast
Besides, if such a scheme should fail, and peace with us remain,
A famous bridge or some such thing can make the money rain

We may, 'tis true, be rich in Name tho' very poor in Deed
So those who love to talk and sway may take the Dance and lead
Lead on, I say, all vulgar Minds, till they themselves at last
Are cursed by the very tongues who honours heaped so fast.


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